Saturday, April 19, 2014

Girl Cries Wolf

Fangs out and dripping fresh blood
Only she can taste it
Words tumble out of her
Like a winning slot machine
Tokens of a broken heart
Sinking deeper
Tasting more
Cries unheard or misunderstood
Pack lies waiting
Waiting to devour
As she devours her own mistakes
Misty earthen floor calls out
For bare feet to pound it
Faster and faster
For the thrill of what lies ahead
Will it have been the hunt of her life
Or the exhilarating edge of a cliff
Diving into the tear filled clouds
Building thunderous echoes
Raining down with her soft breath
Upon all she ever loved.

~ Spirit Bear 4/19/2014

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Between Devastation and Death

Some place floating in the abyss
On the cliff of tearful pangs
Not quite plunging into the waters
Lying awake during sleep
Lying in trance in day light
Eyes reflecting abandonment
In the mirror of loving
I see the last flicker of hope
Walking briskly away from me
Not turning back
Not wanting to
And me wanting it not to want that
But to want me.

Red shifts mark distances
Askew with the depths
Of my non-feeling
Somewhere between devastation
and death
Stars lie weeping
Calling my name with their light
Reminding me how far off
I am from everything
Not quite feeling
Not quite living
Heart frozen by inertia
Still processing events
Still in shock
Still barely breathing
In this petrified illusion
Remaining in stillness
Waiting for red shift.

~ Spirit Bear  3/4/2014

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Becoming Tara

Om Tare Tuttare Ture...
Guiding mother of the buddhas
Ushering me into a new era
Placing song in my head
And sound in my heart
Valentine Full Moon
Lioness alive in me
Power to change
Preparing for shifting
Sudden serendipity
Waiting for clues
Reading the signs
Uncertain futures
Nurturing possibilities
Feeding potentials
Synchronized messages
Placing my womb
In glowing purification
Gathering starlight
On the clearest black nights
Sounding the chimes
Amethyst alignments
Turning mantra into manna
Honoring the feminine
Holding the flame
Breaking open eastward
Singing the sacred
Grieving the waning moon
And the misread signs
Coming to terms
With my own mortality
Under a soft female snow
Delicate blessings
Gathering wisdom
Lessons learned
Entering wise woman
I am her now
Following the kundalini
Feeding my desires
And nurturing self love
Within my vessel
In calm retreat
In acceptance
In beauty.

~  Spirit Bear  2/25/14

Friday, February 14, 2014

Heart Pulses

Shimmering glass
Fragile to the touch
Myriad droplets
Dripping moments
Of passion
Of pain
Of tenderness

Strength of a lion
Melts like butter
Salty blood pulsing
Powering the body
Ecstasy's engine

Rythmic in nature
Beats skipped
Along the way
Synchronized with some
In divine ways
Or in lusty ways

Forever pulses
Until death becomes us
Or we meet again
In fates outside of us
Entering quietly
When we don't notice

Droplets of iron
Like magnets
Drawing love closer
Shaping its filings
Shaping our feelings
Shaping our futures
And our pasts

Purple and garnet
Red and pure
Flaming devotions
Take comfort in breath
When all else fades

Warmth everlasting
Pumping out possibilities
Piecing together
Shattered memories
Platelets of Love
Coursing through channels
Minds in sweetness
Beating drums
In heart pulses.

~ Spirit Bear 02/14/2014

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Carnival of Emotion

Way up high on the ferris wheel
Where breezy sunshine envelops
And permeates the cells of my soul
Don't have to care
Way up there
Watching tiny figures
Moving about in strange fashion
Feeling their love and their anger
Some in conjunction
Many in dysfunction
A few oblivious to anything but fun

Spinning in centrifuge
Whirling about
Chasing my doubts
Gotta get out of here
Like sticky cotton candy
Needing to get unstuck

Getting things done
One day turns to another
In darkness and light
Things seem distantly familiar
Yet comfortably disassociated
Changing sleep patterns
Waking up the dreamer
Into a state of deep slumber
Clarity like thunder
Spark of lightning strike quickens

Sweet love machine
Tokens galore
Gotta have me some more
Can't buy this damn thing
It wears a tight ring
With a finger on the pulse
Of my aorta

Slushy mess on the street
Keeps winter's secrets
Stacked up in piles
Icy dirt
Lurking smiles

Clearing the cob webs
Of decades obsessions
Making room for Light
To emerge from chaos
And turn me loose
Into the wide open spaces
Freedom of desert blossoms
Sun once more on my face

Rooting my body to the cadence
Of birds and coyotes
Forging my own trails along side them
Rhyming my own songs
Leaving the crazy carnival tents
And transient prisons
Perched on the mountain top
Inhaling fresh pines
Climbing in the aspens once more
Wind whispers my name
Come home.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Slam Funk State of Affairs - Part Two

As per usual words cascade from my head
So I have to remark on what the president said
Icy cold are the streets that prepare for more snow
Only fitting tonight that more hot air should blow

"It's a year of action"
Only more dissatisfaction
Gettin' mixed up reactions
Over how big the factions

Movin' out of Afghanistan
Still boots on the grounds
Last of the last
Of the infinite rounds
Waiting for a drop
From the candy man
Insipid supplies
Yeah, they think they can
They think they can

Another year of Kharzai
Same old narrative lie
Waiting for the sound
When there's no one around
Nothing's for sure
And you know they've got more
Where that came from

"Stale political arguments...
Millions are tired"
Claiming markets are rising
But in-sourcing is chastising
The workers who wait
For a helping hand
Can't get an Amen
Stretched across this land

"The race for high tech"
Is a way to connect
Electricity severed
Fracked fossil endeavored
Just as fucked up as ever

"American oil"
On indigenous soil
Some lead is gonna boil
Over nuclear toil

Carbon imprint reduction
State of migrant influx-ion
Breathing them in
Breeding them out
Smashing families about

Fix it
Don't mix it
Keep the culture away
Arresting the masses
Wipe the shit out your asses
Feeding it to the soil

Letting GMOs grow
And we don't even know
What when decades from now
Birds and bees might just glow

Early to school
In pull-ups they rise
For a better deal
And a decent meal
And the return of clarity
To their wondering eyes

The junk food not ditched
Now ain't that a bitch
While Monsanto gets rich
Little brains need to know
What their food needs to grow
And their minds begin to sow
For one day letting this go

"When women succeed"
Still don't get what they need
Paints a picture of greed
Like a penned up mad steed

Inequality of gender
Feminism mind bender
While they preach it as real
Can't describe how we feel
Promises are spotty
It's not your damn body

Things are so full of shit
And the fires we lit
Get a few first responders
To show they have pondered
A way to keep the status quo

Skills needed for jobs
Keep away begging mobs
Yet the poor still get robbed
Rich man's cuts bleed and throb
Until they're covered in red
Marked with cash on their head

A small price to stay
Teachers leading the way
Bandaging cuts to their pay
Supplies in demand
Dealt compassionate hands
Working on better tomorrows

Reach across the aisles
With the greenest Grinch smiles
Ain't no clapping today
But the Dems still hooray

A room subdivided
Despite all that's provided
Party ways are old school
Neither side can be cool
When the youth knows the truth
And the world sees uncouth

You can talk all you want
In the end it's a punt
For the goal lies in coin
In the lobbyist's loin

Shake 'em down
Shake it up
Gonna need a big cup
For those gargantuan balls
It took to make all those calls

"Actively and aggressively pursuing terrorist acts"
Compiling enough data to make dot to dot stats
Of every square inch
In every planetary system
Who the Hell has the time
To sit down and listen
To the depths of the Universe
And all that dark matter
Still warring the worlds here
As more blood is spattered

Talkin' about safe zones
And rings of steel
A soldier contemplates
How that comfort must feel
And the athlete prepares
For a fresh nice hot meal
So, sanction Iran
And watch the chips fall
Microchips in motion
Planting fear in them all

Storms intensifying
Forming at will
Endangered kindreds mangled
At the site of a kill
Poaching parts others covet
Bleeding all that we love
More misleading intentions
Some just look up above

Seeking something authentic
More human at heart
For some audible truth
To gain a fresh start.

~ Spirit Bear  01/28/2014

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Snow Drifts

Glistening white upon all that is true
Pristine and perfectly windblown
Heavily sedating what lies beneath
Branches are laden with crystalline water
Nourishing life yet to come
Blankets of budding entanglement
Reaching for the Sun's rays to intensify
Frozen in time everlasting
Not forgotten in times of regret
Lingering longings for a clearer space
Knowing belongings to whom and why
Shoveling tears and laughter
Growing tired yet moving faster
Planning ahead but wanting to stay
For the loving and sweetness tasted
Uncovering memories and tangible wants
Some blundered yesterdays
Some humbled todays
Wanting to feel more tomorrows
Hearts entwined for eternity
Inside intricate snow flakes
Designed by destiny
Each unique and beautiful
Like each moment they touch down
Bringing a soft layer to cleanse
Shaping the way for what's to come
Keeping winter's icy chill a bit longer
Lighting the inner flames of togetherness
The wind decides where they will fall
These mesmerized snow flake lovers
Caught in snow drifts.

 ~ Spirit Bear  01/22/2014

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Deep Impact

When the deepest of feelings
Run even deeper
That is where I see your face
Memories gone by
But not forgotten
Leaving the old ways
In the past
Reflections on regret
Now turned revitalizing
Actions melt away
Forging a new path
Gaps of a lifetime
Between liaisons
Rendezvous of Love
Keeping fires lit
Lighting of fires kept
Burning new ways
To be coexisting
Dualism of lives
Running parallels
Catching moments
Stopping time
Can't reverse it
Wouldn't anyway
Dreaming created
Now and forever
Deep going deeper
Into channels of the heart
Minds racing to catch up
Only to become interlocked
Keepers of the keys
Fitting uniquely
Bodies melting together
On surfaces of hidden realities
Going deeper
And even deeper.

~  Spirit Bear 01/05/14

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Walking in Circles

Footsteps finding the path
White on green
Flowing and moving
Like clockworks
Movements in time
Soulful humans
Varying cadence
Stopping here
Looking there
Stillness in motion
Motion in stillness
Tiny candles surrounding
Like twinkling stars
In a circular galaxy
Wreaths and boughs of green
Brilliant adornments in red
Traditions of Yule abundant
The Green Man looks on
At the passers by
Back lit by beams 
Which illuminate Earthy browns
Ancient stones glisten on altar
Graced by elk antler
All things woodland and Earth
Some moving in time
Some stopping time in sweet spots
Some not sure of their place
Some above and beyond this place
Winding paths intermingle them all
Feathers of Sky
Adorn bubbles in clarity
Gleaming from lights below
Raising gold ornamentals
Like elaborate doors into heaven
Giant Star guiding North
Stepping and merging
Holding the space for others
Honoring each one's pace
Holding the space for their breath
Ruby red blood
Phoenix flames leaping upward
From the ashes
Passion and power of Fire
Draws in everyone who passes
As they feel Agni ever present
Walking in unison
With kindreds
Sharing space
Yet standing apart
Sometimes crossing paths
Or giving way to let others be
And go where they need to be
Arriving at the shore line
Swirling teals and aquamarine
Candle lit Ocean waves
Gently summoning entry
Gently placing us back
On the same shore
Yet different now
Humbled by ambiance
Ethereal sounds caressing
Silent foot steps
Leading back to the start
Each direction now within

Earth and Sky.

~ Spirit Bear 01/31/2013

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Nothing Else Matters

I do not feel like singing
I do not feel like bringing
The weight of this emotion
To the table

Of Love's long losts
And long lost Loves
That free me
And imprison me

Turmoil of tension
Lies in mid suspension
Waiting for the day
To stop

Can't stop these pangs
Of insatiable fangs
Lying in disarray

Nothing else matters
Wet from tears scattered
Pains of yesterday

Stitched up with Sunshine
Wishing it was mine
Being this came my way

Trying to be caring
Enjoying the daring
Mending the wounds
That love brings

Holding up heart strings
Listen like birds sing
Not saying a thing.

 ~ Spirit Bear 12/3/13