Friday, December 26, 2014

Across the Miles


heart beats fly over winter's frozen paths
lonely coastlines reach toward the middle
to cling to some common ground
life's cards deal with no winning hands
only hands that can touch another's soul
lying in waiting for the silver linings
sky fading darker into lost horizons
emptiness fills the sky with starry laughter
with smoke signals loud and clear
unlocking some spark of light
meeting in moments of pain and grief
poking into the depths of yesterdays
to know another's losses
pulsating blood runs through it all
searching for feathers in plasma
finding a way to bind it together
pulling out every trick they know
to try and beat the trickster of sorrows
pulling up weeds that prove life is there
even in the most barren places
one by one fragrant petals adrift
taking full breaths of resonant words
making the living a little more worth living
giving sweetness to one another
across the miles

~  Spirit Bear  12/26/2014

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Still Running

running with the beat
on tear gassed streets
fire in their eyes
from the smoke stacked lies
feeding the sheeple
ignoring the people
red blood runs from him
but no one runs to him
standing in a park
taken down before dark
shiny metal stars
don't know near from far
neighborhoods crying
their children dying
behind borders and walls
lies the sound of their calls
broken family, broken hearts
damn, we need some new starts
blinded by history
skin color now a mystery
melding and meshing
it would be so refreshing
to see through the mind
with more gentle and kind
this race can't be won
when things can't be undone
well worn tracks in the ground
native spirits all around
bring a softening up to meet
all the tired, running feet.

~ Spirit Bear  12/14/14 3:35 p.m.

( for submission in NY Times Opinion section comments - Poetry contest on the subject of race.  They published it on 12/15/14.)

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Road of Desires

I love the sound of waves crashing onto Rehoboth
And the feel of the moon light through your window

I love your caress of my curves and how you love them
The way you keep coming back for more

I love walking in soft rain and lying under the stars
The way we both would do anything for bliss

I like the stereo on all night long in bed with you
And the element of your surprises or me waking YOU

I love the way the wind blows in Tulsa at sunset
I love doing laundry for two...with you

I love the way that you read me
Your truths know no bounds

I crave sitting on your lap as your hands grab my hips
And unveiling myself to you like a Goddess

The way your lips fit my neck and arch my back
I need your desires, as they in turn feed mine

I love wind songs in cottonwoods under deep blue skies
A chill in the weather offset by the blazing Sun on my face

I love the way you envelop me with heart and soul
The way that you squeeze me and fully embrace

And the tingly feeling of your long, sensual wet hair
It tickles my naked body and opens the doors of passion 

I'm okay that some friends want me away from you
I know I'll never settle for anything less than fireworks

I awaken giddy and satiated when you visit my dreams
The way you travel the Universe to hear my screams

I love the little nick names you call me when you're happy
Making me feel like we've been together forever

You invoke my desire with your smooth voice and savvy talk
I love your fingers when they text me vibes of sexy

Or when you reach for my head and dive in for the kiss
A kiss that sets ecstasy in motion, frozen in time

I love gently pressing my cheek against your heartbeat
And the way our legs intertwine for the winding down

I see your gazing eyes when I'm lonely
I feel your presence when I think of you, and you think back

I feel the emotions of your ideas, wants and fears
I am let down by your facade of holding back

I sit in waiting to hear your voices and feel your energy
I am like a car out of fuel, stranded at times

I love being a hitchhiker between towns
On this road of desires

SpiritBear ~ 12/3/2014

Friday, October 17, 2014

Grecian Love Poem

Grecian Love Poem

Her hair as black as coal
gleamed like sunlight
twinkling on the water
reflecting memories
on clear blue Aegean skies
above Mikonos

Her Athenian eyes
deep like the mysteries
of the Mediterranean
her blood rushing with the histories
of her peoples
and the experiences of her life

His southern charms came calling
Grecian man from the hills
humbled by the great Appalachians
with laughter that rivaled no other
their hearts became intertwined
like the grapevines
in their suburban back yard

Matriarch of her family
the seeds of their love
and their heritage
carried on by 3 sons
in their name
and in their souls
A little tough love
made them strong, like her
A lot of nurturing
made them reflect her persona

Her vibrant voice came to life
with her stories and animations
and her beautiful smile
brought everything into clarity
when in her presence
one was drawn to her energies
A little captivation
made us all become little pieces
of her heart....and hers of ours

Farewell for now
beautiful friend, mother & grandmother
we will see you in dreams
and in our memories
like colorful pieces
of rare sea glass
from the shores of the Aegean.

~ Spirit Bear  10/17/2014

for "Dee" (Karapanagiotis) Giannaras
and her beloved "Basil"

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Empty Heart

I have poured every ounce
every drop of my heart's blood
into the loving lusty gazes
of my transient lovers
be they around for a night
or months or years
I never bothered to measure
if the whirling warm blood
equaled the volume
of my gushing tears

Pain pushes away things once cherished
making memories agonizing
yet they remain unchanged
however distant in time or place
I crawl into bed and embrace
the sweet memories
of entangled bodies
pulsing salty blood and humors
forever bound by nature's laws

Reflections swaddle me
like a starving infant
grasping to embrace this love
this connection
captured essence
of souls in harmony
twisted and lying in unison of breath
like rag doll pretzels
with limbs flopping
in some kind of artful savasana
I tuck myself away in this cocoon
hibernating heart
lying here
for a scrap of metamorphosis.

~ Spirit Bear  9/18/2014

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Standing on red parched desert floor
Can't bear to cry your name once more
Watching you scream in all your pain
Nothing to calm your fire - no rain
Crying your sorrows to soaring heights
Me wishing all of it could just take flight
In a sleeping Pueblo in the black of night
How did it become so deep?
How will I ever get any sleep?
In the dusty echoes of your pain
Where there is no solace
Only tears, no rain.

You beckoned me as you always do
Boy crying wolf I thought I knew
Circles of turbulence, lies, and fear
I thought I knew my choice was clear
Could not lift my head to the Sun
Sincerely thought that we were done
And you blacking out everything once more
Had left me a slightly open door

But I couldn't even muster the strength
To drive or talk or consider the length
Of the exhausting drama that was our life
You said you had danced
And that cut like a knife
How was I to know you weren't done
That you would finally, actually face the Sun
And kick that desert dust up beneath you
You fasted and prayed, but I didn't believe you
Too much heart ache had left me shattered
But in the end, it was your dance that mattered.

~Spirit Bear  7/15/2014

Friday, July 4, 2014

Freedom Rings

Ring around the rosies
Politics full of posers
Liberty bell cracked and worn
Crack heads ringing echoes
In the city where Freedom was born

Rattlesnakes slither like chains of gold
Making rings around Honduran children
Refugees penned in like livestock
In the desert of dreams
No choice but slaughter or abandonment

Eleven years a charm
Still ringing cause for alarm
Weary soldiers finally home
A new crop ready to reap
With a broad lasso to far away places
Where Freedom seldom rings

Sweethearts once united
With symbols of everlasting unity
For better or worse
In good times or bad
Rings laying cold as ice
As the inner fires have burnt out
Kindling new and old flames
Reaching out for new circles of harmony

Runners stretching minds and muscles
Skaters dancing to make the platform
Teams forming circles of trust
While security forces double down
Carrying the torch of determination
So the ancient Greek rings can burn on

Hula dancers make waves with their bodies
Hip hop stylists gyrate to their own beat
Shock value entertainers enslaved to the mighty dollar
Children hula-hooping for the real value of it - fun
And native dancers intertwine, stepping into rings
Which will never fully return their freedoms

Rings of Saturn too far to appreciate
The beauty and dangers of the cosmic swirls
Dancing about are all these orbs orbiting
Round and round they go
Some fast and some slow...unchanging

Five fingered and four legged, winged and webbed
Carefully balancing on the wobble of one lucky planet
Following the Sun and Moon cylces in circles
Stretching our minds beyond linear time
Trying to catch stars falling from the fleeting rings

Separatists and thieves claiming patches of Earth
Like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle
None can support itself without the others
And what a beautiful picture we make
When minds and hearts link together
Hands across the patch quilted, interwoven world
Joining intentions and innovations so that one day....
The rings of Freedom can be heard by all

~ Spirit Bear   7/4/14

Friday, June 20, 2014

Nearly There: A Solstice Poem

Sunlight reaching the nearest point
In the northern hemisphere of planet Earth
It kisses the cosmos
Sending vibrations of golden embers
Nurturing beings with legs or leaves
Feeding life or sometimes destroying it
Can't look it in the eye
The omni-powerful Sun is near
The future of it is really quite clear
So put on your acid raincoat
But don't forget to splash in the puddles
Along the Milky Way road
Envelop every cell in Sun's warming rays
Like gentle healing hands on our shoulders
Sending a life pulse into our solar plexus
Keeping ourselves powered
Powering the grids we use to sustain lifestyles
On the brink of bursting through the filters
Fusions of elements too hot to handle
A melting pot of imminent death
Viewed as brilliance beyond our vision
Widen the scope
As it soon begins moving away again.

~  Spirit Bear  6/20/2014

Thursday, May 15, 2014

I am the Moon

I am the full bodied luminous Moon
Stunning to the beholder
Mover of ocean tides and bodily tides
Glowing night orb for lovers
Or magical suitor for those who adore me
Beneath my pleasing facade of light
Lies ages of collisions with flying objects
Some on direct orbits hell bent on destruction
Some spiraling out of control
From explosions of energy and emotions
Leaving me cratered and pocked with scars
Beside those are my breathtaking mountains
Rising up from lessons learned
While caught inside this groove
Marking my many shifts along the journey
Held together by doses of Sun light and magnetism
Mountains and craters complementing each other
Under one cosmic order ever expanding
Making you feel my power in its circular form
Then fading until you see me no more
From your vantage point I am changing
Yet I remain the same
Looking down on everything slightly askew
Pulling on hearts and minds of Earth
I am the Moon everlasting.

~ Spirit Bear  5/15/2014

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Little Bird Calling

Little bird tweets so loud and clear
In the still of night
Very few will hear
A resonance piercing through the grassy air
Keeps calling to me through the window
As if to echo my own intensity
Signaling change or celebrating
Non-doing about to take flight
In the still of night

Breathless silence frozen in time
Not a blade of grass moving
Not a stray cat prowling
Not a leaf or squirrel rustling
Only you, Little Bird
Persistent and strong
Calling life back into my empty spirit
Announcing my re-entry

Will you continue to sing for me?
As my own abilities have been nested
My voice stifled
My power lying in waiting
Still like the night
Still like my heart dying
Waiting to sing again
Come with me into the night sky
Let us fly together.

~ Spirit Bear 5/8/2014